Night League Basketball Teams Unveil New Sports Logo

We’re red. We’re white.
We’re steaming dynamite.
We’re hip. We’re cool.
We’re Pandas and we rule.
Goooooooooooo Pandas!

If you attend a U11 or U13 SMS Sugar Pandas or Scarlet Pandas basketball game this is the cheer you might hear to get the team fired up before the game.  This year’s team spirit for the SMS Basketball teams has been so astounding that the Coaches wanted to do something extraordinary for the players to show their Panda pride.  They embarked on a covert mission to create a super cool, fierce and modern Panda SMS Sports logo that represents the competitive excellence of the athletes that attend SMS.

The new sports logo was a joint effort between the volunteer Coaches, Elaine Kao (a.k.a. Miss K, a teaching student with Grade 3) and parents of athlete. Miss K (with input from Coach Morgan) created the conceptual sketch for the new logo and Coach Marty (with the help from his Garside Signs designers) developed a digital version.  Coach Matt then procured the wicked team hoodies and t-shirts and communicated with the parents.

Parents and Coaches kept the team gear a secret from the athletes until the big unveiling when Dudley showed up to rock the house to the #1 sports anthem ever- AC/DC’s Thunderstruck!  The athletes were pumped up and the Coaches had some of their own twisted fun making it seem like the gear was ‘Coaches only’ before finally handing out the gear and letting the athletes get their swagger on.

This year’s U13 and U11 basketball engagement had been unprecedented and energizing.  It is an example of the best of the SMS’s community of kids (Grades 3 through 7) parents, volunteer coaches, and teachers coming together to create something special.   SMS does not have an athletics logo so all the creative content behind the logo has been given to the SMS Athletics Department with the hopes of having SMS use it to brand SMS Athletics and create a stronger sports identity in the FY, MY and SY.  The success of SMS’s Athletics Program is measured by participation, sportsmanship, teamwork, and personal bests. With the new logo, now SMS can show more pride and look super rad doing it!

The Coaches want to thank the athletes for making coaching fun and for showing their passion for basketball and achieving their personal excellence.

Go Panda Nation!!!

Submitted by the SMS Basketball Coaches

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