Look Ahead: Scholarships for 2018

You could be eligible for a $52,000 entrance scholarship.

So only one question remains: Is the red blazer in you?

Like most independent schools, St. Margaret’s School offers its students a number of merit-based scholarships recognizing academic achievement, extra-curricular involvement, volunteerism, and leadership. New students have access to up to $77,500 in entrance scholarships when applying at the middle school and high school levels, including a full ride scholarship for one Grade 9 student. In addition, SMS rewards the effort of its current students with around $44,500 awarded each year in internal scholarships.

Both types of awards are used to recognize and encourage the values of the school including integrity, service, and courage, in addition to high academic achievement.

But don’t take our word for it – ask our scholars! Read more testimonials from some of our scholarship students in our Annual Report.

Please refer to the eligibility requirements and applications forms available at the links below. Note: Scholarships for the coming academic year are now closed. Use the information linked below for reference only.

Entrance Scholarships for New students:

Please note you must complete an application to SMS prior to applying for scholarships or financial aid.

2018 Financial Aid Deadline: mid-March (Apple Financial) and April 1 (SMS)

2018 Entrance Scholarship Deadline: April 6

Full Details on Entrance Scholarships

Internal Scholarships for Current Students

Please note you have completed your re-enrolment for the coming school year before applying for scholarships, bursaries, or financial aid.

2017 Internal Scholarship Deadline: April 6

2017 Financial Aid Deadline: mid-March (Apple Financial) and April 1 (SMS)

2017 Multi-Sibling Bursary Deadline: April 6

Full details on Internal Scholarships

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