A Junior Jumpstart

As kids hit pre-school age, many parents are left wondering what’s the next best step for their child’s future?  SMS offers a robust Junior Kindergarten (JK) program with a balance of play and curriculum-based activities that provide opportunities for children to develop skills in: literacy, numeracy, science, language, music, and fitness. Weekly learning units and themes incorporate activities that are flexible and follow children’s interests and natural curiosity.

 “The SMS Early Childhood Education program is a gem. When you envision a woman, who will go out and change the world, you imagine her getting her best start within this thoughtful and caring program,” – Canadian Accredited Independent Schools (CAIS) visiting committee report.

When evaluating pre-Kindergarten options, there are many aspects to consider. SMS offers a well-recognized program that results in confident girls and inspiring women by incorporating:

  • Risk taking
    SMS fosters a strong culture of controlled risk taking that is built into our girls from the very beginning. Even in JK, girls are given every opportunity to thrive and take risks without fear of judgement.
  • Inquiry and independent thinking
    JK students are part of our OWL (Outside While Learning) program and join the Kindergarten students in the exploration of our natural environment in dedicated sessions every week. This provides an opportunity for the girls to make discoveries and think independently in a new environment.
  • Fun while learning
    If you want your child to enjoy the learning process, JK is the way to go. While you can do your best to foster their love of learning at home, early childhood education can help your child perceive the “school” learning environment as something fun and not scary. In general, teaching practices in JK focus on creative and interesting ways to explain letters, numbers and nature. Children get to play and learn new things while getting used to listening, sharing and cooperating.
  • Social interaction
    Daily routine supports a child's need for social interaction and play. Experienced educators provide a nurturing environment that piques the natural curiosity of preschool-aged girls, and offer experiences that enhance successful learning through exploration, and social interaction. Because SMS is K-12, JK students are exposed to interaction with other students of all ages.
  • Kindergarten readiness
    Children who attend Junior Kindergarten adopt learning habits and are more prepared to enter academic Kindergarten. SMS offers a unique opportunity that allows for individuality and freedom of expression. By age five, girls are prepared for the next step in life in the most comfortable way.

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