The Head's Tales: Why Shared Vision is Important

When individual visions come together into shared vision, there is a collective power unlike anything else a group could experience.  Simply by virtue of the energy it creates, shared vision becomes a resource or an asset that propels an organization forward and provides long-term direction and excitement about the future.  It provides motivation for change and fuel for the challenges ahead.  Shared vision is a key factor in creating both alignment and commitment to the journey of continuous improvement.

At St. Margaret’s we are currently in the process of implementing its Strategic Plan with the Steering Committee (which is comprised of an equal number of students and adults) engaging in dialogue on how to move the school forward. Discussions have focused on how we can play to our strengths, leverage the opportunities around us, and finally, identify those areas requiring further attention.  The members have had the opportunity to openly share what they think the school should focus on, and it is amazing how aligned their ideas are with those that the staff and parents have identified through previous focus groups and discussions.  I am impressed at the candor of committee members (particularly the students). Their insight and commitment in making SMS the best possible place to be, their love for SMS, and their appreciation for the numerous opportunities to experience success that SMS provides is evident. 

As stated by John Gardner:

“The world is moved by highly motivated people, by enthusiasts, by people who want something very much or believe very much.”

I am confident that the Steering Committee will help define how learning takes place at SMS while ensuring that we take the best from our traditions, build upon our achievements, and embrace new possibilities.

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