Flashback Friday: From the Archives

It's Friday! Gosh, after the rest and relative quiet of the holidays the five-day school-week seems like a real grind, don't you think? But let's unwind for the weekend by taking a look back at a "simpler time."

The above photograph from 1912 is of a group of junior students taken in the field adjacent to St. Margaret’s School at its former Fort Street location. A little local trivia for you here: Did you know that the apartments that now stand at that site have kept our school as their namesake? Next time you going past Fort and Fern look out for the St. Margaret's Apartments.

Front row:
1. Hester Williams, 2. Edna Sanders, 3. Dorothy Boggs, 4. Helen Macdonald, 5. Jean Donald, 6. Margaret McVittie, 7. Blytha Copeman, 8. Constance Grey.

Back row, left to right:
1. Mona Graham, 2. Florence Challoner, 3. Christine Ross, 4. Mabel Rhodes, 5. Nan Fenwick*, 6. Doris Grubb, 7. Unkown student, 8. Alice Nash.

By the way, if any of you are thinking "Fenwick. Fenwick, why do I know that name?" you guessed right: *Nan Fenwick was in fact related to our founders, sisters Edith and Isabel Fenwick. Nan was their niece, but the connection to SMS doesn't end there. Nan went on to have two children, Nanette and Harold Holland, whose godparents happen to be Miss Margaret Barton (aka our School's first Head Mistress) and Miss Fanny Barton respectively. Nanette then attended SMS herself in the late 1930s.

Happy Flashback Friday! Care of the St. Margaret's School Archives (as usual, with a little embellishment from your friendly local communicator, Jennifer van Hardenberg).

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