Europe Trip Update: Vatican

Today was a busy day, we had to wake up really early to go to the Vatican; we didn't want to wait in line for too long. We took the subway there, which made us all feel like real Italians. It was raining, windy and cold, so most of us had to buy the worst umbrellas ever from random Italians selling them on the streets.

After waiting for an hour under the rain playing games it was finally time for our tour. We were so excited! We started on the outside, learning about the general facts of that amazing structure. As we got inside we saw incredible statues, paintings, tapestrys and lots of tourists taking pictures like crazy - us included.

The closer we got to the Sistine Chapel the more beautiful the art became. We passed through many hallways; one with stories told through tapestry, then one with old maps, another one had some statues, but one thing that all of them had was the beautiful ceiling painted in unique, breath-taking ways.

Now, if that took our breath away I don't  know how we survived our next experience. We finally got into the Sinstine Chapel. I can't find good enough words to describe what we saw; it was a beautiful, extraordinary view. But that was not all, we still went to Saint Peter's Basilica, which was way bigger than we expected. Also, it was the first time part of the group got lost, but its okay, we all found our way together in the end.

After all this we were starving.  Thankfully our guide, Antonella, knew a little place close to where we were. We stopped there for a while to eat and rest, since we were also very tired and the weather wasn't the best. Something that lighted up our mood was to know that we would have three hours of free time to shop and walk around, but first we had to walk for almost two hours to get to the shopping street. It wasn't a total waste of time though, on our way we saw some cool fountains and interesting constructions.

Today was an exhausting yet amazing day. We did lots of shopping and I'm sure we all learned something throughout our tours. To finish it we went for another delicious dinner at the same restaurant from the first day. Now we're getting ready to leave for Florence tomorrow morning. Packing.

Good night!

Ps... Tip from room 512... Do not throw gooey animals on the ceiling.

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