Europe Trip Update: Ponte Vecchio

We started our day with a delicious breakfast, and then walked down to the main plaza. There, we met our tour guide, Analisa. We started our walking tour; our first stop was the Basilica di Santa Maria del Fiore (Saint Mary of the flower). The building was so amazing and beautiful. It has a huge bell tower and dome, which you can go up if you climb 460 steps each. We did some more walking through the old town of Florence and saw the ancient centre of government, city hall, museums, and churches. Outside the centre of government is what they call an outdoor museum with many beautiful sculptures including a full size copy of Michelangelo's David (the original is in a museum in another part of town); it was amazing and much bigger than we expected.

Then, walking, and more walking, until we reached the Ponte Vecchio, the only original bridge in Florence (the rest were all blown up during WWI), which houses the very famous gold market. The bridge is nicknamed the "Gold Bridge". During medieval times, this market was used for selling gold, and has remained that way ever since.

Our chaperones finally realized how tired we were, so they decided to take us back to the hotel for a break. We had two options; one was meeting them at 2:30 and doing some shopping; the second was to stay until 5:00 at the hotel and go to the later market with the whole group. A group of 8 girls went shopping, and returned with lots of bags. Later we left to the market, we were really excited to see what was it like. There was only one problem, it was raining a lot. Many of the girls ended soaked, and really tired of bartering. After 2 hours of making deals, we went for some dinner, it was great. We had the best lasagna ever, followed by some chicken with mashed potatoes, and to end, a delicious ice cream.

We had so much fun, in this beautiful city. We can't wait  to see what is waiting for us on our next stop.

Buonanotte xoxo

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