Environmental activist inspires the next generation through service with love

Left to right: SMS student Lauren Ebata, Alumna Vicky Husband, School Archivist Christine Godfrey, Head of School Cathy Thornicroft

The need to fight climate change, protect old growth forest, and defend wildlife is greater than ever before and it is up to the next generation to take on the challenges of environmental stewardship. SMS students were fortunate to learn how it is done from one of Canada’s best known environmental activists, Vicky Husband, SMS Class of 1958.  

Born and raised on Vancouver Island, Husband is tireless in her drive to protect B.C.’s natural heritage and her work, done entirely on a volunteer basis, has earned her numerous honours, including member of the Order of Canada and the Order of B.C, and a United Nations award for environmental achievement. She received special recognition from the SMS community on Wednesday, April 4.

Since 1908, the SMS motto has been “Service with Love” and, in celebration of our 110th anniversary, a new alumnae award has been established. The inaugural award was presented in recognition of Husband’s outstanding contributions, to acknowledge her as a role model, and to express heartfelt gratitude for the impactful work she continues to do.

“It was very moving for me to receive this award and I enjoyed this experience very much,” said Husband, upon receiving the inaugural award. "

At a school assembly for Middle and Senior Years’ girls, Husband gave an inspirational presentation that focused not only the important work she has done to protect the environment, but also on leadership. 

“Leadership: how do we get there?” asked Husband. “For me it was following my passion. Whatever your path may be, you must do what you are passionate about, have a vision and a strategy,” she said. “Leadership is about speaking truth to power, questioning authority, doing your own research and taking action.”

Her presentation was followed by a 20-minute student-led question and answer period moderated by Grade 12 student Lauren Ebata. One of the questions asked was, “what little things can we do ourselves to make an impact today?”

“Be kind to the woods, be kind to nature, get outside and recognize that we are part of the environment. Reduce the plastics in your life and have a voice,” said Husband.

It was an honour for SMS to welcome Vicky Husband to our campus and present one of our best-known alumnae with the first-ever Service with Love Award. She is a leader for this generation’s commitment to preserving a natural legacy and our SMS students of are the inspiring women and change-makers of tomorrow.

For more information on the Service with Love alumnae award please contact: 
Barbara Sutton,
Director of External Relations
St. Margaret’s School
250.479.7171 ext 2122


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