Annual Fund Homestretch: Help us Achieve our Goal!

Written by Gregg Wiltshire

In the last issue of Spirit, I commented on how your generosity and commitment to St. Margaret’s helps the school fulfill its mission, and that support from community members like you provides the amenities and resources our girls need to go beyond those provided through tuition alone. Continuing on our mission to create a campus focused on delivering a unique educational experience for girls, we are working on the next phase of our Creating Special Places (CSP) campaign. 

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The CSP campaign has presented select projects to SMS supporters keen to see their donations have a direct and immediate impact on school improvements. Past CSP projects include:

  • The full renewal of Alexis Dining Hall
  • Remodelling the Library Resource Centre
  • Build-out of the Culinary Arts Teaching Centre
  • Renovation of residence suites
  • Refurbishment of the Creative Commons

Our current donor-supported CSP project is the redevelopment of our fitness space, transforming it into the new SMS Wellness and Fitness Centre. This project will be completed and ready to use for September 2015. The decision to recreate the Wellness and Fitness Centre comes directly from our Strategic Plan: “Strategy #7: Promote the development of healthy lifestyles and personal wellness.”

The Wellness and Fitness Centre will become an important addition to the SMS learning environment. At SMS, we believe that students who participate in regular wellness and physical activities improve their overall health and are better at managing the stresses of academic challenges. Head of School Cathy Thornicroft is committed to advancing St. Margaret’s, and the Wellness and Fitness Centre is just one example how that is being accomplished. Your participation makes it all possible.

Donations from SMS community members like you keep St. Margaret’s moving forward. Donations to CSP projects and to our central giving campaign, the Annual Fund, ensure that each and every SMS girl is given every opportunity to achieve her very best.

Thank you for giving to SMS. Your generosity is making a difference. Giving for the 2014–15 school year is growing across our community. I am excited to report a 20% increase in the number of donors to this year’s fund with the average donation amount up 13% over last year…so far. As a result, we are on course to achieve our goal of $100,000. Thank you!

If you haven’t yet been able to give to this year’s Annual Fund, there’s still time. Please give to St. Margaret’s so we can help give our girls the best of an all-girls education. Click here to make a donation online.

Key Features of new Wellness Centre

Phase 1 (In progress. Estimated Completion date: April 2015)
Renovations to current fitness area will provide:

  • Additional 500 square feet of space
  • Glass perimeter wall with double-door entrance
  • Dedicated areas for stretching, yoga, and wellness exercises
  • Eight new spin bikes

Phase 2 (Estimated Completion Date: September 2015)
Renovated adjacent causeway area will provide:

  • Over 1,200 square feet of open-air workout space
  • Roof structure and gated entry façade
  • Fitness-specific flooring