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Faculty Friday

What year did you start working at SMS? I started as a co-op student in the Fall of 2015 and began my role of Athletic Coordinator in Fall 2016.  What grade/subject do you teach or what is your role? Athletic Coordinator--sports, sports, sports!  But I also help coordinate all the other great... Read More


I have just finished reading a book by Tara Westover entitled Educated: A Memoir.   The story is about a young woman who overcomes immense odds to seek out the education she was denied as a child; in fact, this is a story about the author highlighting her challenges, insights, conflicts, and... Read More
The food may have come from within 110km of Victoria, but the annual Spring Reunion saw attendees from across Vancouver Island, the Lower Mainland, and even as far away as Seattle, come back on campus to reconnect. This year’s event celebrated 110 years of SMS and to commemorate this anniversary... Read More

Service Day 2018

Servite in Caritate, Service with Love. It has been the SMS motto for 110 years and something that we truly live by here at our school. Service Day is an annual event and an opportunity for all students, Kindergarten to Grade 12, to give back to our local community and demonstrate our continued... Read More

Peak Moments

I started thinking about those experiences that are at once meaningful, memorable, and short enough to be described as “defining moments.”  These are moments that rise above the everyday and make the ordinary extraordinary. They might be events that, upon reflection, provide insight into what... Read More
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