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SMS is excited to welcome Shelley Moore to our campus today.  Moore, who is an award winning SSHRC research storyteller and a TEDx speaker is presenting to MY and SY teachers on teaching to diversity, presuming competence in the classroom, and delving into the topics of inclusion and integration... Read More
Happy New Year! One of the things I love about being an educator is that we have the opportunity to celebrate a “new beginning” with our students twice a year—the start of the academic year in September, followed by the traditional start of a new calendar year in January. The beginning of the... Read More

SMS Hour of Code

By Sam Livingstone, Educational Technology Integration teacher I’m new here, and I thought what better way to jump into a new position than with a big, hairy, involve everyone, goal? A goal I set for myself this September was to have every class participate in Computer Science Week through the... Read More
Seasons Greetings from St. Margaret's School from st_margarets on Vimeo.
It seems we are always in a constant state of doing, achieving, or being enticed with the theme of “bigger, better, more.” The challenge of this type of striving mindset is that the more we expect of ourselves and each other, the greater the likelihood we will feel increased stress and a feeling... Read More
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