The Head's Tales

The Head's Tales features stories and reflections from our Head of School, Cathy Thornicroft.

One of the most difficult challenges for any institution, as it strives for excellence, is the need to make decisions that focus on the well-being of the organization and at the same time balance the personal impact such change may have on an individual or a group – both within and outside of the... Read More
New Year’s allows us to reflect on the past, assess the present, and make plans for the future. It is also a time when we begin to dream about new possibilities and sometimes lament over the "what if..." moments of our lives. At such a reflective time, I cannot think of a better goal than for us to... Read More
As the holiday season approaches with its frenzied pace, I wonder about what is meant when we talk about the “Holiday Spirit.”  It is often not easy to define, as it is usually very personal in nature.  I, however, believe it is quite simple.  It’s in your heart; it feels warm and inviting, like... Read More
 At St. Margaret's, one of our strategic goals is to help our students develop leadership skills by creating opportunities for our girls to build their confidence and find their voices. We believe that the top 10 success traits for any leader in the 21st century include: Being honest and having... Read More
St. Margaret’s provides many experiential learning opportunities for girls to participate in meaningful activities with adults both in the school and in the community.  Many of these activities begin with an invitation to participate alongside adults in real life situations, to participate with... Read More
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