The Head's Tales

The Head's Tales features stories and reflections from our Head of School, Cathy Thornicroft.

As many of you are aware, I am an avid reader.  I am often influenced by what I am reading, and always try to connect the lessons, experiences, or different perspectives expressed in these books to what we are attempting to achieve at St. Margaret’s.  Sometimes, it is a stretch but I always strive... Read More
Welcome back! I hope everyone enjoyed a bit of a reprieve from school and work life, and found time to enjoy family and friends.  Daylight savings is one of our strongest reminders that winter is coming to an end and spring is here again.  This last term is also a time to “spring forward” in... Read More
With increased attention on the Ministry’s redesigned curriculum and its focus on competencies rather than content, including the importance of personalized learning, I am starting to think about how schools might begin developing “the student” from the inside out.  What things can teachers and... Read More
Every day, I learn something new about communication and the various ways you can connect with people.  Technology has definitely influenced the way we communicate with others and although it can enhance communication, we also need to be mindful that we are also shaped by the tools we choose to use... Read More
On February 4th and 5th, the majority of the SMS staff are heading over to participate in the FISA Conference (The Federation of Independent Schools Association) which will bring over 5,000 educators together to learn from each other and to be inspired by some of the best 21st century thinkers in... Read More
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