The Head's Tales

The Head's Tales features stories and reflections from our Head of School, Cathy Thornicroft.

I have been in Ottawa this past week, participating in a CAIS Accreditation of a Girls’ School of similar size and with a similar Mission – Inspiring each girl to reach her full potential. Although I miss St. Margaret’s and our girls, I walk through the halls of Elmwood and am reminded that there... Read More
Last week, I informed my 84-year-old mother that I was heading off with a group of SMS girls to learn how to sail on the Tall Ships in Victoria during Outweek.  My mother’s response was one of surprise and delight when she stated, “Cathy, you have participated in so many adventures since you became... Read More
I have never written a blog before, but I’m looking forward to exploring this form of online communication with you. First, a little about myself (for those who don’t know me): I have had the privilege of leading this dynamic organization for two years now. I have found it to be a busy and... Read More
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