The Head's Tales

The Head's Tales features stories and reflections from our Head of School, Cathy Thornicroft.

As the year draws to a close, we try to take the time to recognize the many achievements of our girls in the Foundation Years, Middle Years, and Senior Years as well as our Athletes at the Recognition Assemblies that have been held over the past two weeks. I have also had the privilege of attending... Read More


I have just finished reading a book by Tara Westover entitled Educated: A Memoir.   The story is about a young woman who overcomes immense odds to seek out the education she was denied as a child; in fact, this is a story about the author highlighting her challenges, insights, conflicts, and... Read More

Peak Moments

I started thinking about those experiences that are at once meaningful, memorable, and short enough to be described as “defining moments.”  These are moments that rise above the everyday and make the ordinary extraordinary. They might be events that, upon reflection, provide insight into what... Read More
One of the most difficult challenges for any institution, as it strives for excellence, is the need to make decisions that focus on the well-being of the organization and at the same time balance the personal impact such change may have on an individual or a group—both within and outside of the... Read More
This past month, I have observed our Grade 12 students navigating the post-secondary admissions process and noticed an increasing level of anxiety that I believe is having a significant impact on their sense of self-worth.  Some of the girls’ attention is consumed with Grade Point Averages (GPA... Read More
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