Orientation & Placement

The ELL Program begins with a two-week orientation at the end of August. Orientation is a mandatory and important part of our program. It allows us to meet each student, determine her initial placement in the program and begin to plan her path to graduation. Students meet their teachers and peers; participate in morning classes to prepare for the school year; become familiar with our school, our residence, and our city; and join in teambuilding activities.

Program Placement

The initial placement of each student is determined during Orientation. Students participate in English language proficiency testing which allow teachers to meet and evaluate each student.

A customized program is designed for each student based on her English ability, needs and interests. Students may begin the ELL program in the Transition Program, the Bridge Program, or the regular classroom environment and are placed within various levels of these programs based on their English ability.

Students’ placements are reviewed in October and again in February and they may move within the program at either of these times based on their demonstrated ability. Each student progresses through the program differently and always at her own pace: some students may be in Transition classes for one to two years, while others may progress through a level in less than a year. Our goal is to see students progress into the regular classroom, but we are committed to ensuring each student will succeed when she gets there.

Learn more about paths to graduation… [pdf]