STEM Education

Soaring with STEM: St. Margaret’s is proud to be the first and only all-girl STEM School in Canada. 


What is STEM?

Beyond an acronym for science, technology, engineering, and mathematics, STEM is an inquiry-based, interdisciplinary educational philosophy centered on question, observation, reflection, and communication.

STEM learning is supported at all levels and across disciplines.
Above, students explore circuitry in the Library Learning Commons

Why STEM at SMS?

Studies report that women continue to be proportionally under represented in STEM related positions within industry, commerce and education. In order to be active contributors in an ever increasing technologically based world, women will need the ability to develop probing questions, work collaboratively across disciplines, and think critically in developing innovative responses to complex problems. At SMS, our girls receive an education focused on developing the resilience, courage, and confidence girls need to become the architects of their future.

St. Margaret's School STEM exposure and encouragement

By exposing girls to STEM early and encouraging them as they grow,
we hope to inspire a generation of female leaders in traditionally male-dominated fields.

What is STEM at SMS?

Children in their early years are inherently curious. Through guided exploration they develop confidence exploring, asking questions, describing observations, and explaining what they observe in their natural surroundings. Over time students are given the opportunity to strengthen their skills in predicting, measuring, observing, and analyzing. By working together in teams, girls develop critical thinking as they apply knowledge from different academic areas to real world problems. Our senior students are engaged in tackling complex problems that often involve multiple perspectives. They share the outcomes of their efforts with peers and communicate broadly within and outside the SMS community.

SMS - Junior Kindergarden play-based curriculum and outdoor exploration in STEM

At SMS, girls start STEM in junior kindergarten and kindergarten
through a play-based curriculum and outdoor exploration.

What is the objective for SMS Students?

Graduates of SMS will be imaginative thinkers possessing the skills, abilities, and confidence to work collaboratively with others in developing creative and effective solutions to challenges. At SMS, our goal is to ensure our students will be grounded in wellness, strengthened by the humanities, connected through the arts, and soaring with STEM.

“Art challenges technology, technology inspires art.”  John Lasseter (Pixar)