Susan Middlemiss

Early Learning and Junior Kindergarten
Early Learning
Foundation Years
250-479-7171 ext. 2214

If there is one thing Mrs. Middlemiss is passionate about, it’s music. She’s spent time with both the Victoria Conservatory and Pacific Opera Victoria, and often encourages an interest in music in her students. She likes introducing the girls to music and rhythm in the classroom, through playing with percussion instruments, or spontaneously making up creative dances. She’s often seen teaching the students about the environment and outdoors, taking full advantage of the forest and garry oak meadow near the campus.

Outside of the classroom, Mrs. Middlemiss helped to organize an ECE parent lecture series that brings in different expert speakers. She is also an award-winner, having been presented with the Prime Minister’s Award for Excellence in Early Childhood Education in 2007.

Why SMS?St. Margaret's School supports the early years learning by providing an exceptional Early Childhood Education Centre that is integrated into the Junior School community and SMS also creates opportunities for free public presentations with the focus of communicating the latest developments in early education.”

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