Ron Mutch

Senior Years and Middle Years IT
Middle Years
Senior Years
250-479-7171 ext. 2390

What fascinates Mr. Mutch is how IT can be an incredible outlet for creativity, providing lots of variety of options.  He sees it as a sequence of steps that are also parallel, where problems can be solved with a multitude of solutions. An example is in media art, where solutions to a problem are in presentation (video, website design etc.) This also allows for flexibility in his teaching; he has been experimenting with video instruction, which allows his students to independently control the speed and depth of the lesson. He’s especially proud anytime a student comes to like an aspect of IT that they initially hated, an example of which usually is web design and coding.

His students see Mr. Mutch as patient and flexible, especially when solving their technical issues, and he’s obviously very interested in what he teaches. He’s often also seen out in the gym coaching the senior volleyball team, and recently oversaw the yearbook committee with very successful results. That’s what he finds beneficial of a small school, because he enjoys seeing so many students participating outside of the classroom.


Why SMS? “SMS for me is a success because of the opportunities it provides for all of its students to participate in without fear.”

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