Reesa Vermeulen

Early Childhood Educator
Early Learning
Foundation Years
250-479-7171 ext. 2214

Mrs. Vermeulen likes how every year in Junior Kindergarten is completely different from the last, because dynamic changes are always being made and new adventures are being had. She really enjoys documenting the highlights of the year, whether it be in a creative scrapbook, or through video slideshows produced for the SMS Vimeo account. She thinks that it is important to give the parents insight into all of the cool things that the JK girls do every day.

One of her fondest memories is when the JK girls made a dragon out of boxes for Chinese New Year, and walked around the entire school. She still remembers students and teachers poking their heads out of classrooms to see what was going on. It’s times like those that Mrs. Vermeulen loves, because they get to connect the JK girls with the rest of the school.

Why SMS? “SMS is a good news place to work. There is always something happening to improve, advance or highlight what we are doing. I work with a great team where I believe my work is valued and respected. I’m very happy here.”

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