Rebecca Clausen

Choral Teacher
Middle Years
Foundation Years

Mrs. Clausen is a very passionate and avid fan of the arts. She plays the euphonium –  an instrument similar to the tuba – and has been singing and dancing all her life. Mrs. Clausen is enthusiastic about drama and music. She is proud to teach students from Kindergarten through Grade 12. She loves to witness how the students choose to include music in their daily lives as they move from the Foundation Years into the Senior Years. 

Mrs. Clausen believes it's never too late to find your voice. She is incredibly proud of how hard the students work in rehearsal and enjoys the students' sense of accomplishment after a performance. She values the importance of having the girls perform, and the community looks forward to listening to one of her choirs at various school events. 

Why SMS?: “SMS girls are provided with many opportunities to participate in the performing arts and explore where their passion lies.”

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