Nicole Formosa

Middle Years Grade 5
Middle Years

What Mrs. Formosa loves most about teaching at SMS is being able to provide opportunities for girls to take risks, strive for their best and tackle challenges with their best effort. She works with Middle Years students and aims to create a nurturing environment where her students are comfortable trying new things and are confident in themselves as they learn.

Mrs. Formosa is energized by the students’ excitement in their educational and personal journeys. She is always available to help, support and cheer on the students. Mrs. Formosa loves when girls at SMS show passion for what they are doing, whether it is sports, art, music, academics, or anything else!

Mrs. Formosa started to work with children as a swimming instructor and knew from a young age that the education world was for her! Having been very shy and reserved during school was a big influence on her passion for empowering young students to find their voice, gain confidence and feel comfortable. She loves recreational sports and being outdoors: rock climbing, kayaking, swimming and surfing are among her favourites.

Why SMS? “I want to be a part of a school where empowering young women is a common goal, and where being a girl is celebrated in every way.”

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