Miriam Jamieson

Weekend Relief Parent, Barton House, and TOC Coordinator

Ms. Jamieson has been a member of the St. Margaret's residence community for 12 years and it is easy to see why she continues to be a vital member. She is actively involved in the full development of the boarders, offering her very popular spa club while she is on shift. At first glance it may appear to be just a gathering of laughing boarders but a closer looks reveals that the girls are learning about self-esteem, and that each of them is perfect  just as they are.

Ms. Jamieson is often seen baking in her office as she feels that homey smells make the girls feel not so far from family.  She also ensures "her girls", as she calls them, always have a place to call home even if they can't get back to their families overseas. Looking at the confident faces of the girls in her club and listening to the comments of the grads at Closing Ceremonies it is easy to see why Ms. Jamieson continues to be an integral member of the St. Margaret's community and more importantly, a huge part of her girls lives.

Most recently, Ms. Jamieson has taken on the role of TOC Coordinator to ensure classes always continue as scheduled for our ambitious girls by calling on our network of expert teachers.

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