Meaghan Thompson

Foundation Years Grade 6
Foundation Years

Coming from Ontario as a certified teacher, Miss. Meaghan could not be more excited to start her journey here at SMS. Having worked with children and youth for the past several years, SMS seemed like the perfect environment, and struck close to her own core values of inspiring young girls. Being a teacher at SMS combines her love for athletics and education all into one, making for a perfect fit!  On a day-to-day basis, Ms Thompson loves seeing girls of all cultures come together for common goals and interacting with one another to create lasting friendships.

Why SMS? “I feel so lucky to have been given the opportunity to work at SMS. It is a place where girls are supported to become the people they want to be and given opportunities they may not get elsewhere. It also promotes a safe environment where girls are encouraged to take risks and challenge themselves, something that truly allows them to grow as people.”

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