Marissa Boyce

Middle Years Humanities
Middle Years

Ms. Boyce started her teaching career at an inquiry school in Edmonton, Alberta, which sparked her passion for teaching and learning through inquiry. That passion sent her on an overseas journey to teach at an International school in Italy where she studied Italian, got married, travelled Europe, and became more skilled as an educator by teaching the IB curriculum, and taking courses through Harvard Graduate School of Education. Here at SMS, she teaches in the Middle Years program. Ms. Boyce is a lifelong learner, and is always pushing herself to grow, learn, and connect to student’s learning. She loves figuring out new ways to incorporate technology into lessons, and how to make learning hands-on and project-based. Her favourite part of teaching is focusing on helping students develop critical thinking skills, emotional intelligence, and resourcefulness. She loves SMS because students are engaged, creative thinkers, and are always thinking of new ways to be of service to the community.

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