Louise Huneck

Senior Years Fine Arts
Senior Years
250-479-7171 ext. 2344

The words eccentric, eclectic and hilarious often come to mind when describing Ms. Huneck. But don’t let her quirky brand of humor fool you — she takes her art very seriously. She’s constantly encouraging her students to work on their technical skills and basic foundations, while still taking risks and experimenting with different mediums. She believes that art is a discipline that anyone can learn, that is also empowering in how it allows students the capability to express themselves. She likes how at SMS the girls really get into their work, while still respecting the materials. Plus, she’s always looking for new ways to approach already established topics and themes in the different projects.

Ms. Huneck is also incredibly involved in SMS outside of the art room. She plays the saxophone in the Senior School band, runs the Culture Vulture trivia contests and works tirelessly to help put on the Senior Spring Production every year.

Why SMS? “I have grown as a person working with the students and teachers at the school. I am challenged physically, intellectually, philosophically on a daily basis. In art, novel expression is legitimized through the mastery of skill, and integrity of intent. At SMS, girls are allowed to be audacious and courageous. We find out we can. We hear our voice.”

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