Lisa Reid

Senior Years IEL and Business
Senior Years
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Mrs. Reid has always had a keen interest in the humanities, especially how the fields and subjects easily interconnect and overlap. For example, the Renaissance is a favourite topic of hers, and so she often uses the period to supplement her regular course material. Her first love is reading, but her specialty lies in teaching writing skills. While the girls are often daunted by the intricacies of English grammar at the beginning of the year, they become very proud of the progress they make in their writing. The small classes help facilitate this progress, especially with IEL; she can help them develop based on their individual needs. She’s good at putting herself in others’ shoes, and being empathetic to what may be happening in their lives outside of the classroom.

She also loves to travel and explore other cultures. Her course material often reflects this passion, for example through books found on the reading list. She also had the opportunity to go on the school Barcelona Trip, in which a highlight for her was getting to know the girls outside of the context of school.

Why SMS? “SMS offers a community where both students and teachers are offered a framework in which they are able to grow as individuals, thus assuring that the status quo never takes root.”

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