Lindsay Kemble

Weekend Relief Parent, Fenwick House

Lindsay is a house parent to the girls in residence, who loves the energy she gets from the girls and is always looking forward to coming to work.  For her, it’s no big deal to work weekend nights, since she gets to connect and build trusting, lasting relationships with some very cool girls!  She has been working at SMS since the spring of 2008.  Lindsay has a diverse background, having gone to college four different times.  She loves the outdoors and spends any of her spare time outside; she even teaches Nature Preschool.  She was a kayak guide for 7 years and spent over 5 years living in Tofino.  She has worked at a Nature Kindergarten for 8 years, and loves that she goes from teaching 2-5 year olds, to being surrounded by teenagers at SMS! Her favourite part of her job at SMS is saying good night to the girls, making sure to connect with them all at bed time and give them a big goodnight hug, making her bedtime rounds slightly lengthy, but well worth it! Last year, Lindsay chaperoned SMS trips to Spain and Morocco at Spring Break, to Tofino, and to French Beach for a campout. 

Why SMS?  Confucius (and Marc Anthony) said it best, “Do what you love and you will never work at a day in your life.”

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