Laura Kaiser

Residence Manager
250-479-7171 ext. 2630

If you had a problem, Mrs. Kaiser could solve it. Or, she would know exactly where to find the answer. Her job is to do a little bit of everything to help keep everyone organized and the school running efficiently. But, her favourite part is talking to and working with the students.

Mrs. Kaiser is fondly remembered for her time as a house mother and Residence Activities Coordinator, where she planned trips and events for the girls living on campus. Even now she believes that the girls thrive best at SMS when they get involved on and off campus. It was working as an assistant to the senior directors that Ms. Kaiser got a feel for the administration side of the school and its inner workings. She really enjoys how SMS has a strong central community, where academics are only part of the bigger experience.

Why SMS?Because I love being a part of what makes SMS so special. We are a dedicated group of staff that do amazing things to prepare our girls for life beyond these walls. I can’t help but feel proud as they get accepted to their university of choice or get the perfect job, or plan their travels for after grad. It’s exciting to see this whole new life unfolding.”

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