Kathryn DaSilva

Academic Advisor 9-12 | Career Life Connections 12
Senior Years

Ms. DaSilva has been on staff at SMS since 2015, and brings over twenty-five years of experience in teaching in public private, and alternate schools. She is also an expert in online learning solutions, which led her to launch her own successful educational software company (you might actually recognize Ms. DaSilva from an episode of the popular TV show, Dragon’s Den). Despite the advantages offered by online learning and its usefulness as a tool to adapt learning to match the needs of different students, Ms. DaSilva says that her real joy comes from working with students, providing opportunities for the amazing girls at SMS to find their own success, discovering how to become the best versions of themselves, and charting a path for their future post-graduation. 

Why SMS? “Because the staff here are committed to helping girls find their voice, and that’s so important. As Melinda Gates says, ‘A woman with a voice is by definition a strong woman. But the search to find that voice can be incredibly difficult.’ … and also, as Beyoncé sings, ‘Who run the world? Girls!’”

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