Katherine Wild

Foundation Years Languages, French
Foundation Years
250-479-7171 ext. 2258

Ms. Wild is encouraged by how comfortable and confident her students are with speaking French in daily life. She loves how curious they get about learning new words, and how they simply want to know everything. She herself was passionate about languages at a young age, so she appreciates being able to share French books and stories with the students. The students definitely value her sense of humour and willingness to answer all of their questions. She tries to make each class fun, creating different projects every year. That includes putting on French plays with each of the classes, with sets and props to make it more enjoyable.

Why SMS?Where else can you work where the energy is always positive and vibrant?! I believe that the staff and students who choose SMS do so because they truly love it! SMS is a place where people to come to learn from each other. Our environment encourages and promotes this through: assertiveness, supportiveness and collaborative processes. It is a place where dreams become plans, and plans become reality.”

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