Jennifer Nicholson

Instructional Leader and Coordinator of Learning Services, K-12
Middle Years
Early Learning
Foundation Years
Senior Years
250-479-7171 ext. 2249

What Ms. Nicholson loves best about Learning Support is the chance to team teach and get to know all of the girls in the Middle Years while working with them one-on-one.  Team teaching is one of the unique strategies being employed in SMS's new Middle Years program, where Learning Support is pushed into the classroom (rather than pulling students out to receive support), and Ms. Nicholson finds it fosters really great collaboration -- two heads are better than one when it comes to developing innovative lesson plans and giving girls the individual attention they need to excel. Getting to work in other teacher's classrooms, Ms. Nicholson feels, is a real gift, and she loves that she gets to learn something new every day, both from her colleagues and from the girls themselves.

Ms. Nicholson started at SMS as a dance teacher after having spent years travelling and teaching English, Science and Technology in places like South Korea, Mexico and the U.S. All her travel has given her great perspective and empathy for our international students studying in a second language. She's now been at SMS for a decade, though her previous appointments had never held her in one place longer than a year. Says Ms. Nicholson, it's the unique learning environment at SMS that makes all the difference. 

Why SMS? "This is a school where you really get to teach. Engaged teachers are matched up with driven students which means more focus on great programs, and less on simply managing the classroom. You can see you are making a difference."

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