Jennifer Hesketh

Educational Assistant

Ms. Hesketh is an Educational Assistant who provides a variety of learning and medical support to various students in the Junior School. She also helps the staff and students in any way she can, which can mean zipping jackets, helping find that missing glove, reading stories, singing songs, getting tissues, being a shoulder to cry on, and anything else you could possibly think of. She loves being that one person that can make school an amazing experience for a student. Before acquiring her EA certificate she worked at the Esquimalt Recreation Centre for 8 years as a support worker for children who required support to be in their programs. She was also an assistant preschool teacher at an unlicensed preschool program, which was the experience that led her to want to become an educational assistant. Every day that she works at SMS, she uses knowledge that she gained at her previous place of employment. Aside from her work with children, Jennifer attended culinary school and loves to cook, craft and be outdoors with her family.

Why SMS? “I wanted to work at a school that provided students with an opportunity to achieve greatness”

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