Jeff Trapp

ELL Advisor and Coordinator
Middle Years
Senior Years
250-479-7171 ext. 2379

Jeff Trapp is the International English Language Coordinator and Advisor at SMS. He provides the International students at SMS advice and guidance in their academic life, discussing options on how to improve their learning, what courses to focus on, what summer experiences will enhance their language ability to give them success in their path to the BC Dogwood, and provides the most choices for post-secondary life. He also arranges the summer school and all international visits.
Designing curriculum and helping teachers provide the best instruction to SMS students in the part of his job that is most exciting and satisfying. Having taught English since 1989 and provided teacher training since 1991, he has seen the evolution of the English industry and how it has become a major source of British Columbia's economy. Jeff brings a background of student-oriented decision making on how best to serve the needs of our international students. One passion that ties well with his experience at SMS is that for volunteering. Extra-curricular opportunities are one of the strengths at SMS; and through this process, the international and local students find chances to meet, talk and share their cultures. To this end, watching young people come together for a common purpose, especially when the cultures may be quite dissimilar, is very heart-warming.

Why SMS? "Small schools have big hearts, and SMS school's heart is wide, warm and welcoming to all."

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