Janine Cowie

Foundation and Middle Years Administrative Assistant
Foundation Years
Junior Building at 250-727-7163, or main phone number 250-479-7171 ext 2251

Ms Cowie joined the SMS team as the Teacher on Call Coordinator and has moved into the position of Foundation and Middle Years Administrative Assistant. You will see her smiling, friendly face around the Junior building. The passion that the staff has for their jobs makes Ms. Cowie passionate about doing hers! A “Caniwi” –Kiwi/Canadian, she grew up in New Zealand and moved to Canada in 1999 with her husband.  Since becoming a parent, she truly values the unique learning opportunities that a school like St Margaret’s can offer girls. Ms. Cowie is a traveler at heart, having spent over 6 years exploring with her backpack to an amazing 37 countries- so far!  Since becoming a parent, her travelling style has changed, but her passion for different cultures is something she gets to share with her family.

Why SMS?  “I genuinely admire the confidence that the girls gain.  They are encouraged to be their best selves, and in turn, to become capable, authentic"

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