Ingrid Rueffel

Currently on Leave

Kind, understanding, gentle: all personal qualities that you would want in a counsellor, and Ms. Rueffel embodies them in bounds. Overall, it’s her time with the girls that she looks forward to the most, and she hopes our students know she genuinely cares about them. Even her office is cozy and inviting with its big beanbag chairs and many cushions.  Her tiny dog Bandit is often found prancing around for moral support as well.

Ms. Rueffel loves working with our students and helping them face their individual challenges, whether big or small. She’s especially proud watching the students finally cross the stage at their graduation, knowing that they know they have what they need to carry forward successfully into their futures. Girls who come to her know that she will hold up a mirror and challenge them when necessary, but always with the intent that it be to their benefit.  "We all need support sometimes,"  is something we often hear her say.

Why SMS? “For me it is the sense of community — of family, really —that I find so special at SMS.”

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