Gail Bateman

Admissions Assistant
250-479-7171 ext. 2127

Mrs. Bateman is one of the first kind and friendly faces new families meet at SMS. She’s spent time in the school reception and development offices, so she’s very familiar with the inner workings of the school. She is a wealth of information on anything a new parent or student would want to know. Making the phone calls to girls who have just been accepted to SMS is one of the more exciting parts of her job, as the best reward is hearing how happy they are. She also likes seeing the girls flourish over the years, and seeing the difference that school can have on their confidence.

Her favourite part of the year is the Summer Orientation, because she gets to meet the different families and put a face to all of the names. The rest of the year you might find her tiny dog, Zach, hanging out in her office, and he is certainly very popular with the girls.


Why SMS?SMS delivers on its promise - always.  To offer that promise to prospective families and then watch as they are never disappointed, is very rewarding.  Seeing first hand the difference St. Margaret’s makes to girls makes my job purposeful and I am proud to be part of the SMS magic.”

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