Frances Dowling

Currently on Leave
Facilities and Grounds

In your travels around campus you may have noticed a new face behind the mower, or popping out of freshly-replanted flower beds. Meet Frances Dowling. Frances has joined the school’s facilities and grounds team to help take care of one of the school’s greatest assets: our 22-acre natural landscape. Day to day, Frances does everything from general maintenance (weeding, mowing, mulching) to caretaking the long-term health and aesthetics of our environment (planning and planting beds, establishing irrigation, etc). She loves being outside and working with her hands. Gardening has been a life-long passion for Frances, one that has taken her from her parents’ yard, to farms and nurseries around the world. Don’t be fooled by her modesty, though, one need only look around campus to see the transformative impact her skills are having already. When she is not elbow-deep in soil, Frances is an avid diver and speaks fondly of adventures underwater both around the island here, and farther afield in the more tempered waters of the Caribbean and the like.

Why SMS? “The school is super friendly and welcoming. I love having the opportunity to do a bit of everything in this big, beautiful site.”

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