Erin McCulloch

Early Childhood Educator
Early Learning
Foundation Years
250-479-7171 ext. 2214



Ms. McCulloch really enjoys working with the ECE girls because, as she says, at this age they’re “little sponges”. The students are always so eager to learn and are so curious about everything, but they still want to have fun and be silly. It helps that Ms. McCulloch has a great imagination for different crafts and games, and is super energetic. Circle time first thing in the morning is a fun part of her day, when the girls sit in a circle and talk about the theme of the day. It’s exciting and fulfilling for her to watch the girls develop over time, and to finally garner the skills they have been practicing over the year. She’s also big on teaching the kids the importance of respecting the environment they are in, whether it is through recycling or planting seeds in the school garden.

Why SMS?Because SMS recognizes how important early learning is in the development of the child, and because SMS's enriched Early Learning Centre is one of the best that I have ever experienced in my 25 years in the ECE field.”

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