Elizabeth Jarvis

HR & Payroll Project Assistant
250-479-7171 ext. 2563


Mrs. Jarvis’ job in finance is to combine people with numbers. It’s constantly busy, ever changing and improving, and with a large volume of people to manage. But, she likes the challenge, and the variety keeps it interesting. Her overall goal is to problem solve and help these people as efficiently as possible. She really enjoys the welcoming environment of SMS; hearing the kids playing and seeing familiar faces around campus is a huge draw, and is a much better for her personally than a corporate atmosphere. Mrs. Jarvis is also very much a morning person so she likes to come in early to get things done, as well as walk around the campus when everything is peaceful and quiet.

Why SMS?As a new staff member, I am thoroughly enjoying the beautiful grounds at SMS. It is also heartening to see the many programs at the school designed to reach out to the international community.”


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