Elaine Kao

Foundation Years Art
Middle Years

After a successful teaching practicum at St. Margaret's School, Ms. Kao has returned to teach art in the Middle Years, much to the delight of her students. Ms. Kao loves listening to the girls' creative ideas and is continually wowed by the imagination of her young charges, so much so that their ideas often inspire her lessons. A trained visual artist, Ms. Kao loves painting, her favourite piece of art is Waterlilies by Monet. What you may not know about this teacher is that she also has a keen interest in languages, and has a bucket list of about seven languages she'd like to master. She's also a music enthusiast, playing piano and guitar herself, and leading up the school ukulele club.

Why SMS? "It's a unique school and a beautiful campus. The community is tight-knit and works well together. There is a lot of support for students, staff, and parents and I like that."

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