Elaine Bell

Director of Finance and Corporate Services
250-479-7171 ext. 2537

Elaine Bell brings a holistic knowledge of business and all its moving parts from her experience in the private sector in Vancouver.  Working with companies big and small, she found some of her most rewarding experiences have been with small business startups.  She greatly enjoyed the opportunity to innovate systems and integrate new teams of people to build effective companies from the ground up.  She has also spent 11 years in the education sector so is no stranger to school environments.   Importing this experience to SMS, Ms. Bell seeks to provide sound infrastructure within which the school can operate and successfully advance its goals into the future.  Certainly as leader of the school’s finance team this is a numbers kind of job -- one of accounts in and out -- but she feels the other equally important facets in her role include identifying and creating areas for growth while ensuring the needs existing “customers” both internal and external are best served, and so she fluidly moves between caretaking numbers to caretaking people.  Service for the now meets planning for the future – much like the school’s core values.  The school’s motto, Service with Love, was in fact what first drew her to the school after reading the job description.  She was drawn to the idea of the shared goal between teachers and parents and all those involved in the education of young girls: to nurture and protect “these little creatures,” as she calls them, and make a difference in their lives.  As a devoted parent herself, the message of loving service really resonated. Now that she’s settled in after her recent arrival in June 2013, she’s excited by the blank canvas offered by the new school year. Partly it’s the appeal of the cyclical nature of academic calendar and the ability to start fresh each fall with “back to school”, but it’s also the excitement of the new staff and other changes now in place that she sees as opportunities for SMS to grow and tap into its full potential.

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