Edna Ramos

Middle Years Educational Assistant
Middle Years
250-479-7171 ext. 2249

Edna’s main focus throughout the year is to ensure that the students she works with are successful and happy. Her favorite part of being in the classroom is being able to create relationships with the girls and to engage in conversations about their hobbies and activities. She is extremely grateful for the position that she holds with SMS, and believes it is a privilege to work at a school filled with smiles. Seeing people happy and contributing to their happiness is among the things that keep her motivated.
Her professional background is in musical theater, dance and cheerleading.  Edna has been involved in musical theatre since she was 9 years old and was a professional cheerleader for the CFL Winnipeg Blue Bombers– an integral part of the Winnipeg Blue Lightning Dance team for 5 years, before moving to Victoria. She is very enthusiastic to share with the girls her background in dance and singing, as she has been heavily involved with the after school club program.

Why SMS? “SMS is an atmosphere that allows students to grow and develop into individuals that possess the abilities to lead their peers, with confidence and grace. The real question is – Who wouldn’t want to be apart of that?”

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