Deb Secco

Currently on Leave
Foundation Years

Mrs. Secco loves how unpredictable teaching Grade 3 can be, and how there is never a dull moment. The most satisfying part for her is seeing the “Aha!” moment when her students finally grasp a difficult concept. The small class size works well for that, because she enjoys getting to know the girls’ individual strengths and having good contact with parents. Her students love how fun Mrs. Secco is, and how creative they get to be in class.

Mrs. Secco is passionate about physical and outdoor education. She coaches many of the school sports teams including middle school field hockey and grade five basketball. One of her favourite times of the year is when the classes get to go to places like Camp Thunderbird and experience the outdoors. She thinks it is incredibly important that the girls explore, and gets excited when she finds a “teachable moment” in every day.

Why SMS? “It is a privilege to work at St. Margaret’s! The opportunities for our students are endless and there is always something new to look forward to each and every day. Witnessing the pride that comes with achieving a goal, sharing a laugh with a class, honouring individual differences, learning through mistakes – supporting St. Margaret’s students as they bloom and grow is the greatest gift of all!”

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