Davinder Thandi

Food Services
250-479-7171 ext. 2639

Davinder began her SMS career in 2000.  During her time at the school, she has seen the transformation of the campus - the building of the Junior School, the expansion of the Athletic Centre, and  the recent changes to Alexis Hall to create a wonderful dining atmosphere. Davinder is responsible for dinner service and brunch on the weekends.  Although she does not "set" the menus, she is given creative liberty on how the food will be prepared and  secretly takes suggestions from the girls! Davinder's favourite part of her job is baking on the weekends and she is responsible  for the great cookies enjoyed by everyone on campus.

Why SMS? "I love hearing the girls' stories and appreciate the diversity of cultures  in Residence.  I try to accommodate the girls preferences without making it an expectation of the whole group.  I also like it when Mrs. T comes to check-in and share all that is happening around the school. This is a special place."

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