Dana Reid

Senior Years Science and Culinary Arts
Senior Years
250-479-7171 ext. 2375

Mrs. Reid is one of the most caring teachers you will find at SMS, who genuinely wants her students leaving class with a memorable experience. She’s always had a personal fascination with biology and science, and is constantly heard saying “Look at how interesting this is!” That is her mantra: nothing is ever ‘gross,’ it’s simply ‘interesting.’ Her annual exploding sodium experiment is always a highlight with the younger girls, as is “The Smoking Poo”.

She likes how the students at SMS can be so involved outside of the classroom, and not be hung up on trying to make a good impression. She always is involved with coordinating the graduation events, and students appreciate how she tries her hardest to make it the best grad it can be. What she loves the most, however, is seeing former quirky Grade 7s finally graduate as young women, and knowing she had a part in that.

Why SMS?Because at St. Margaret’s every girl can participate in a multitude of activities and each find success.”

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