Chalaundrai Grant

Currently on Leave

Chalaundrai is a Lead Parent at Barton House.  She helps with homework, encourages, cheers on, disciplines, wipes away tears, and settles conflicts, along with a myriad of other things! She loves seeing the girls after school and hearing about their day, both good and bad. She also loves seeing how much they have grown in their time at SMS. Chalaundrai has a Secondary Education Degree specializing in English and Special Education, and has worked with youth at risk and in the arts.  She is passionate about helping children discover hidden talents by opening doors and offering resources, and believes this makes SMS the perfect match for her.  Chalaundrai has also worked as a Casting Assistant for television commercials and feature films, as well as an Audience Procurement Coordinator for a pilot for a television sitcom! 

Why SMS?  “I am at SMS because I am committed to helping the students successfully negotiate the steps to becoming women who change the world.”

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