Caroline Erickson

Senior Years Math Teacher
Senior Years

Ms. Erickson has the joy of teaching pre-calculus 11 and 12 to the students at SMS. She enjoys building relationships with her students, and creating a low-stress, safe place where students can ask questions and get help.  She loves when she sees the concept click and a student who was struggling feel proud of themselves. Her love of math started in high school where she had a delightful teacher who helped her discover her interest for the patterns and logic in math, and how so many things fit together.  Ms. Erickson’s life is very busy parenting three very active and beautiful daughters. She finds that the order and patterns of math are a nice contrast to her life at home!   After University, she went on to teach high school math in Edmonton for 12 years before she moved to Victoria a couple years ago.  She has experience teaching at independent schools in Victoria, and is excited for the opportunity to share her passion and expertise at St. Margaret’s. While she isn’t teaching, she enjoys running, hiking and being outside, reading, and sewing. 

Why SMS?  "I could not pass up the opportunity to come to work with my 3 daughters every day!"

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