Carly Macris

Currently on Leave
Senior Years
250-479-7171 ext. 2481

Ms. Macris has only been teaching at SMS for a short time but, as she explains it, “the friendly community at the school has enabled me to feel like I have been here for years.” What she finds most fascinating about teaching math, nutrition and science is how it allows her to explain the complex world around us to her students, and to spark their enthusiasm for the “why” questions of life. As well, she believes that learning to cook is an incredibly important skill no matter where life takes you, not to mention how cooking can also be fun and creative. Her goal is to try and make the subjects approachable but to challenge the girls by bringing in real-world examples. Ms. Macris finds SMS a truly unique community to teach in. So far, her favourite event has been the Halloween carnival because it shows the huge amount of spirit the school has.   

Why SMS? “SMS is a welcoming and friendly community that values diversity and celebrates our unique qualities as individuals. I believe this type of environment allows the girls to realize their potential, develop and foster the skills they will need to be successful women in today’s society.”

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