Welcome to St. Margaret’s School, the only all-girls school on Vancouver Island, and Canada’s first all-girls STEM school. Ours is a community that cares deeply about girls; we have been dedicated to their education, development and wellbeing for over a century. Together, we help girls become powerful learners with the knowledge, attitudes and courage to thrive – in their studies and careers, and in life. Our small-scale learning environment provides teachers with the flexibility to personalize learning for each student – building upon individual passions, and challenging each girl to improve her own performance, exceed her own expectations and realize her own potential.

I encourage you to come and visit our school anytime – we would be thrilled to share our stories and our passions with you.

Simon Bruce-Lockhart, Head of School

We Believe in an All-Girl Environment

SMS girls are encouraged to take risks, develop resiliency and discover their strengths in a safe and supportive environment.

  • Here, girls have the freedom to be daring, explore, try new things and try on new roles.
  • We continually raise girls’ expectations of themselves, and have found that they are more than up for the challenge.
  • They excel academically because they participate fully and enthusiastically in the classroom; they make challenging career choices because they are confident in their ability to succeed in any subject; and they believe in their futures because they are certain of their worth and their potential.

STEM – the Core of the SMS Learning Experience

Beyond an acronym for science, technology, engineering, and mathematics, STEM is an inquiry-based, interdisciplinary educational philosophy centered on question, observation, reflection, and communication.

  • At our school, STEM learning is supported at all levels and across all disciplines. By exposing girls to STEM early and encouraging them as they grow,we hope to inspire a generation of female leaders in traditionally maledominated fields.

Experiential Programs – Real World Learning

SMS girls discover that life has much to offer through experiential learning that encompasses athletic, social and environmental activities.

  • Our academic program is supported by experiential programs that provide opportunities for students to apply their knowledge, take on positions of responsibility and leadership, and develop a desire and a passion for making a difference.
  • Each girl will discover a lot about herself, her peers and the world in which she lives through the experiences she has here.

For over a century, the school motto, “Servite in Caritate” – Service with Love – has been central to an SMS education, teaching our students to express heartfelt gratitude by giving back to the community and serving others throughout their lives.