St. Margaret’s School (SMS) is the only all-girls school on Vancouver Island, and Canada’s first all-girls STEM school. Since 1908, we have been dedicated to the education, development and well-being of girls. We offer empowering education for all ages, from early childhood to graduation, plus an outstanding boarding program for Grades 7 to 12 that attracts top students from all over the world.

At the core of the SMS learning experience is STEM. Beyond an acronym for science, technology, engineering, and mathematics, STEM is an inquiry-based, interdisciplinary educational philosophy centered on question, observation, reflection, and communication. At our school, STEM learning is supported at all levels and across all disciplines. By exposing girls to STEM early and encouraging them as they grow, we hope to inspire a generation of female leaders in traditionally male-dominated fields.

A Personalized Learning Experience

We provide a personalized learning experience in an environment where girls gain confidence and discover their passions. Our programs equip girls with the knowledge, attitudes, and courage to thrive – in their studies, their careers, and in life. Here’s how:

Learning that is girl-centred.

  • In a safe, supportive and nurturing environment, SMS girls are encouraged to take risks, develop resiliency and discover their strengths. Read more about the all-girls advantage.

Leading from within.

  • SMS girls learn about self-understanding, teamwork and taking responsibility, enabling each to develop her own authentic leadership style and define success on her own terms. Read more about our leadership training.

Living your values.

  • Experiential learning encompassing athletic, social and nature-based activities, challenges SMS girls to explore their interests, connect with community and discover that life has much to offer. Read more about experiential learning.

For over a century, the school motto, “Servite in Caritate” – Service with Love – has been central to an SMS education, teaching our students to express heartfelt gratitude by giving back to the community and serving others throughout their lives.